Oncurious NV is a Belgium-based biotech company focusing on the development of innovative oncology treatments.

Oncurious NV was incorporated in April 2015. Shareholders are Oxurion NV, an integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing ophthalmic medicines, and VIB, the leading life sciences institute in Flanders (Belgium).

In February 2013, a paper in Cell (Cell, 152, 1065-76, 2013) highlighted for the first time that PlGF – placental growth factor – plays a vital role in the brain. Its expression is required for the growth and spread of medulloblastoma, a rare, life-threatening brain tumor that mainly affects children. The paper was based on pre-clinical research conducted by Prof. Rakesh Jain from the Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard (Boston) and the research team of Prof. Peter Carmeliet from VIB/ KU Leuven.

In May 2016, Oncurious, in collaboration with Beat Childhood Cancer (formerly known as NMTRC), initiated a US-based Phase I/IIa clinical program evaluating TB-403, a humanized monoclonal antibody against PlGF, for the treatment of medulloblastoma, BioInvent International AB acts as the clinical development partner for the TB-403 program. Patient recruitment is ongoing.

In August 2017, Oncurious took a next step in its corporate development when acquiring a unique portfolio of 5 next-generation immuno-oncology assets from venture partner VIB. With that, Oncurious broadened its ongoing clinical development activities in orphan pediatric oncology indications with preclinical research and drug development programs, resulting in an exciting pipeline of next-generation immuno-oncology drugs targeting a broad spectrum of cancers.


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